Public Utilities

The City of Ionia Public Utilities Department oversees water supply, water distribution, and wastewater treatment operations. Our outstanding city staff is highly trained, and our facilities are regularly used for tours and training by the State of Michigan because of our commitment to excellence.

Water and Sewer Rates

Our rates continue to be among the lowest in Michigan. A utility bill will be sent to you quarterly, every three months. Your bill is broken into sections to assist you with appropriately tracking costs. Effective July 1, 2023, the utility bill rates are as follows:

Commodity Charge

City Charge Per 1,000 Gallons

  • Water, $4.10
  • Sewer, $4.50

Township Charge Per 1,000 Gallons

  • Water, $6.15
  • Sewer, $4.50

Facilities Maintenance Charge

The City charges a facilities maintenance charge which assists in covering the cost of retiring outstanding debt on the water and sanitary sewer systems. These charges are billed based on a residential equivalent unit (REUs) with one REU equaling 22,000 gallons of usage.

City Charge (Per REU)

  • Water Facilities, $32
  • Sewer Facilities, $46

Township Charge (Per REU)

  • Water Facilities, $48
  • Sewer Facilities, $46

Fire Suppression Charge

The city levies a $500 fire suppression system charge per quarter for commercial customers with internal sprinkler fire suppression systems. This charge covers the cost of the city's cross-connection program and the readiness to serve charge for the water service line that feeds the sprinkler fire suppression system.

If you think you have a leak, please check your meter before calling the City. For further instructions on checking your meter, review the provided documents: