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Rental Registration Application

  1. This form needs to be resubmitted whenever the owner and/or agent information changes. All owners should verify with the City Assessor that the owner's address is up to date by calling 616-527-4170, ext. 5146. 

    For questions regarding this form, please email Royal Shilton or call 616-523-0157.

    Please note: By submitting this form, the owner/agent acknowledges that they have read the city's "residential property ordinance".

  2. Purpose of Application
  3. Fees: Up to 3 units, $25 each; 4 or more in the same building, $15 each.

  4. Property Information

  5. Per Assessing Records

  6. If applicable

  7. The number includes any owner-occupied or vacant units.

  8. Number of rental units.

  9. Owner Information

  10. By submitting this application, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to schedule an appointment for a housing inspection and to complete all repairs necessary for the issuance of a "Certificate of Compliance" issued pursuant to Chapter 858 of the City Code; that it is your responsibility to schedule any necessary re-inspections in order to receive the Certificate of Compliance; and that you understand the information on the Rental Registration Program. (Owners may act as their own agent if they live in the approved local area, otherwise, they must designate a local agent.)

  11. Are You Acting as Your Own Agent?*

    If Yes, and you want to use a different mailing address (i.e. P.O. Box), please fill out the "Agent Information" section. If No, please designate a local agent in the "Agent Information" section.

  12. You certify that the foregoing is accurate.

  13. Agent Information

  14. The following person has been designated as an agent pursuant to 858.02A5 of the Ionia City Code and understands that, as a local agents, they are responsible for ensuring compliance with the City of Ionia Housing Code on behalf of the owner.

  15. You certify that the foregoing is accurate.

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