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Temporary & Portable Sign Permit Application

  1. Use this form to apply for a permit to place a temporary or portable sign. If you have questions, please contact the City of Ionia offices at 616-527-4170.

    Please note: Per Chapter 1284 of the City Code, Non-Residential Temporary and Portable Signs must be permitted before being placed.

    Temporary and Portable Signs are permitted by the City's Sign Ordinance up to four times per calendar year. Each display period shall not be more than 30 days, provided that each display period is separated by at least 30 days. Following the 30-day period, a new permit may be requested.

    Please allow three business days for the processing of this application. An email will be provided as a response, but a copy of an approved permit can be mailed to the applicant upon request.

    Permit Fee: $25

  2. Applicant Information

  3. Placement Information

  4. Temporary and Portable Signs are allowed to be used up to four times per calendar year on non-residential properties.

  5. Height, width, and depth in feet and inches.

  6. Where the sign will be located on the property.

  7. Placement Frequency

  8. Indicate the number of times a temporary or portable sign has been used on the identified property this calendar year.
  9. Date desired to place the Portable Sign.

  10. Date when the Portable Sign will be removed.

  11. To submit additional information, please attach a file to your application.

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